Hawaiian Holidays: Hotel Hana Maui


Hotel Hana Maui & Honua Spa is an Apples Vacations resort rated 5/6 red apples and is also a Value Plus resort, which offers a better deal than comparable hotels in the area. If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii, definitely consider this fantastic hotel.

About Hotel Hana Maui & Honua Maui

Renowned for its excellent plantation-style architecture, this quaint 66-room property is a great choice for all types of visitors, but mainly couples. Located at the end of the famous Hana Road, the Hana Maui & Honua Spa Hotel offers tranquility and beautiful natural surroundings. You will hardly cross your eyes as you gaze upon the pristine sands of Maui, with waves rising out of the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean; and this is right out of the window At the back of the hotel, the beautiful native flora presides over vibrant green jungles scattered around the island.


The Hana Maui & Honua Spa Hotel offers plenty of opportunities to stay active during your Hawaii vacation. An outdoor tennis court with provided equipment allows couples to play against each other or to team up to double against two other guests. The gym offers Nautilus workout equipment for travelers who want to eat all their favorite treats but don’t gain extra jelly.

The two outdoor pools may not be intended for swimming laps, but when you are done working out, you can safely relax in the pool and also take a swim to cool off.

Of course, almost unlimited water sports are available on Hawaiian vacations, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, surfing, solar fishing, paddle boats and more. As long as you enjoy the water, you’ll have fun at Maui.

And don’t forget the spa. This feature provides travelers with the best opportunity to fully relax, step back and relax with amazing treatments. Some of her treatments include facials, manicures, pedicures and massages. Spa & Wellness Retreat’s all-inclusive special holiday packages offer guests breakfast for two, multi-hour spa sessions.

Food choices

There are three restaurants at Hotel Hana Maui & Honua Spa that serve delicious menus. The three restaurants are: Hana Ranch, Bar Paniolo and the main dining room. And drinks are served everywhere, including those sent to the pool. Everyone is sure to find an appetizing meal to satisfy their hungry on your Hawaiian vacation.