Swim with the Sharks on your all-inclusive Bahamas vacation


Want to swim with the Sharks during your Bahamas vacation? While the sight of a dorsal fin approaching you in the ocean would normally crawl, seeing the sharks around them under the waves makes you realize how extraordinary these creatures are and how much shape adapt to their environment. About a dozen dive operators in the Bahamas offer special shark dives for intrepid people (but in fact thousands of dives, there has not yet been a shark attack). Unexso Dive Operators in Grand Bahama take you down to the bottom of the arena, accompanied by armed guards. Scuba divers stand on their knees, arms clasped (since the lost hands resemble fish, they should be held close to the body). A feeder comes out, armored in the post office, and mad like some zombie; and the sharks respond right away. Six-to-nine-foot-long Caribbean reef sharks begin to flip to the feeder while waiting for food, sometimes nourishing it impatiently in the chest. The feeder grabs them and hugs them – the scene is really more tender.

The shark dive in Walker & # 39; s Cay, near inclined beach resorts in the Abaco Islands, offers you a requinology education along with diving. The sharks ride three fins symmetrically located 120 ° around their body. Sharks & # 39; the teeth are on a conveyor belt: the new teeth roll as the old teeth break. Sharks & # 39; The sacks of the uterus contain hundreds of eggs, many of which do not develop, so those who eat the undeveloped eggs are still in the uterus. In addition, sharks are smart, demonstrating communication skills with other sharks and long-term memory (such as remembering after six months what color button their nose must have in order to get food).

A Walker & # 39; s divers dive down first, and then paste the frozen fry into a bucket on the bottom. Hundreds of black sharks, nurses and Caribbean reef sharks believe in it. Scuba divers are warned to stay out of the competition area (within 15 meters of the feed), but intrepid ones are free to swim among sharks elsewhere, even by touching them. sharks may seem to you, but the fish-like hand shake warning also applies here). In a cheap all-inclusive dive, I witnessed the feeder give fish to sharks and play with them when one of the sharks took off his mask. He quickly left the feeding tube and refilled the mask with air, and a southern stingray seized the opportunity to use his enormous suction power to lower the feeding tube.

Suddenly there was a fin frenzy over the feeder, which still managed to calm down. Then one of the larger sharks dropped the main pack and headed straight for me. She moved with lazy hints at her body, flipping like an incredibly funny spaceship as she tried to hide my alarm. In slow motion, the eight-foot shark passed within inches of my head, a sharp snout, a devilish smile, pectoral fins, and after my immense relief the tail slowly moved. This is how I learned that skin can also be dragged under water.