Yacht charter: the best secret family vacation


Renting a yacht for most people means renting a crewed yacht. This means that a captain is familiar with the area around the islands and a chef prepares meals according to your preferences. Think of it as an all-inclusive floating resort or a 3-bedroom villa rental.

There are a few things that set this holiday apart from your traditional All Inclusive Resort or vacation rental: the fluidity moves. Every day you are on a different island, a different snorkeling place and all you have to do is jump from the back of the boat.

It’s hard to imagine an option like this exists, but it does. Your “hotel” moves with you. No packing / unpacking bags.

The next difference is that ALL are included and there is no output line. The food is made around your family and preferences. There is no buffet to change. Every meal you sat with your group talking about the day’s adventures. There is a lot of laughter here.

Water toys are accessible at any time from wake tables to floating islands and more. No registration for a rental, no time limits.

Excursions are always so hidden that you need to keep in mind, even on an all-inclusive one, not on a Nautical Cross vacation. Its yacht is your main island of excursions that you get every day and your step is your way of exploring a little closer and personal, as well as taking you ashore to discover the local taste of the islands

You want everything cared for, no problem! I’d rather have just the captain, no problem either. You want a little of both, you can have one too!

The value of this vacation is greater than any traditional exclusive hotel, as you are not just a room number.

Definitely the biggest difference is that the time this holiday will allow you to reconnect with your family. With no outside distractions on TV, friends coming in, attending parties will get real time with your kids. The adventures you live every day bring you closer and the memories made throughout your life.

At the end of the day, you have a cool, comfortable cabin to retire for a good night.

Without a doubt, these are the holidays designed to your holiday vision from the beginning to the end.