Seven best activities for a romantic honeymoon


You have chosen the destiny of your dreams with your soul. Do your homework on what to see and do. Book the best honeymoon suite on offer. But why should you follow the typical honeymoon circuit of things and things. Why not take your own special memories that others will be forced to follow. After all, the honeymoon is a unique occasion. To make sure you appreciate your first steps in married life forever, try all the things on our list to get an amazing Honeymoon. Small steps, but it will surely bring you closer to the one you love.

Seven best activities for the year extraordinary honeymoon experience:

Take a romantic walk

Treat your half better like a queen. Take her on a gondola ride in Venice or in a car like a princess of yesteryear. You can also book a car, prepare a picnic obstacle and explore the nearby places. A spontaneous bike ride to the nearest coast to watch the sunrise can easily become a fun ride. Stop by any local tea or coffee shop and enjoy a drink in the morning with your love. Whatever the place, you will surely like the memories again.

Having Spa or Message together

Kerala Ayurveda is famous for its revitalizing effect. Book a couple session and rest and enjoy the pampering. Couples are given side-by-side tables to sit on and two different masseurs work individually. Thai massages are also among the best. For a more intimate feel, arrange a romantic bubble bath in your private suite.

Outdoor activity

Why limit yourself to beach resorts and luxury resorts? For a completely different experience, head to the mountains. Literally. If your partner is suitable, plan an outdoor honeymoon, mountaineering, hiking, diving, etc. You can return home toned and rejuvenated, instead of lazy and full of free pounds. A promenade together at the bottom of the sea is a unique experience.

Safari / walks

Wildlife safaris are popular retreats. Make your loved one see wild animals in their natural habitat. Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa are some of the countries that have amazing wildlife, apart from the usual honeymoon activities.

Light candle / picnic dinner on the beach

Okay, you might click, but there is no full honeymoon without the candlelight dinner. On the beach or on the rooftop restaurant, candlelit dinners are the epitome of honeymoon romance. Better yet, plan an impromptu picnic lunch or dinner on the beach. We pack a sheet, an umbrella for lunch and a wrapper for dinner. A picnic on the Moon Beach will surely earn you brownie points.

Watch sunsets and sunsets

While on the beach, try to capture as many moments as possible. Seeing the sunset over a salmon horizon or the sun rising from the sea are remarkable scenes. Be sure to take these moments. Seeing the sunrise from the top of a mountain is another amazing view.

Spend time together

Spend some quality time together. This is the time to strengthen your marital ties. Live faithful to all the vows you adopted. Take a bright stroll along the beach surrounded by miles of beauty and solitude with only your life partner to keep you company. Get to know us. Share your secrets, fears and aspirations. Face off in a double hammock and enjoy the silence beneath the star blanket.

Go Discover Abroad offers custom honeymoon packages in India and abroad. Honeymoons serve as a bridge to soften the entrance to married life. With all that life has to offer, going back, it’s important to have these memories that will last more than a lifetime.