As technology advances at a feverish pace, security products are needed

One of the many goals when the cryptocurrency (CC) was first invented was to create a secure digital transaction system. The technique used was Blockchain and still is. Blockchain systems were designed to be impenetrable to the problems that often occur with online financial systems that use older technology — problems such as hacking accounts, verifying counterfeit payments, and phishing scams on websites.
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Blockchain itself operates on peer-to-peer global accounting networks (distributed books) that are secure, inexpensive, and reliable. Event records around the world are stored in block-chain networks, and because these records are scattered throughout the user community, the data is inherently resistant to change. No data can be changed without changing all the other blocks in the network, which would require the cooperation of the majority of the entire network – millions of watch dogs. BUT – what if a website seems to provide you with a gateway to a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange or cryptocouple product, but is it really a website designed to trick you into disclosing information? You have no Blockchain security at all – you only have another phishing scam, and you need to protect yourself from it all.

MetaCert is a company that says it is dedicated to keeping Internet users safe, and its core security product can be used to protect businesses from a number of harmful threats, and now they have a product designed to keep CC enthusiasts safe. This new product is called “Cryptonite” and is designed to be installed as a browser add-on. Current browsers use SSL certificates, which show users a small padlock in the browser’s address bar. Users have been told for years that SSL certificates guarantee that a website is genuine – not so fast – phishing sites also use SSL certificates, so users can be fooled into believing that a website is legitimate even if it isn’t. When Cryptonite is added to your browser, a shield will appear next to the address bar. This protection changes from black to green if the website is considered “secure”. MetaCert says they have the world’s most advanced threat intelligence system with the world’s largest database of classified URLs.
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Staying safe is always a good thing, but more security products may be needed in the future as technology moves forward at an ever-accelerating pace. There is Quantum Computing (QC) on the horizon, which looks promising. Many cite QC as one of the greatest technological revolutions of the modern era. Utilizing the power of quantum mechanics, QC machines are able to perform much more complex tasks and achieve speeds not previously achieved. Conventional computers are based on a binary model that uses a system of switches that can be either on or off and is represented by 1 or 0. QCs differ in that their switches can be in both the on and off positions at the same time. , called “superposition.” This ability to be in two simultaneous modes makes QCs much faster. More than two years ago, Google announced that the quantum prototype they held was 100 million times faster than any other computer in the lab. The development of this technology is advancing faster and faster. The first quantum computer to be marketed was manufactured in 2011 by D-Wave in California. The D-Wave machine was equipped with a processor that contained 16 quantum computing units called QUBITS. Since then, industry leaders such as IBM and Microsoft have announced their own quantum programs. This trend will lead to an explosive increase in the number of QUBITS that these new machines can handle over the next several years. While quantum computing has the potential to make significant strides in many areas and provide innovative solutions to some of the most complex problems, it certainly creates a need for better security, as these machines also have the power to help hackers in their outrage. deeds. Security and security are always needed in the cryptocurrency space, as in all other online spaces.

Stay tuned!


What are the top 5 cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has ruled the crypt world for so long and so domineering that the terms krypto and Bitcoin are often used interchangeably. The truth is, however, that digital currency is not just about Bitcoin. There are numerous other cryptocurrencies that are part of the crypt world. The purpose of this post is to educate our readers about cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin so that they can choose from a wide range of options – if they plan to make crypto investments.
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So let’s start with the first name on our list, which is:


Launched in 2011, Litecoin is often referred to as “silver to Bitcoin gold.” Charlie Lee – a graduate of MIT and a former Google engineer – is the founder of Litecoin.
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Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is a decentralized, open source payment network that operates without a central authority.

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin in many ways and often makes people think, “Why not go with Bitcoin? Both are similar!”. Here’s the catch: Litecoin’s block generation is much faster than Bitcoin’s! and this is the main reason why traders around the world are becoming more open to accepting Litecoins.
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Another open source distributed software platform. The currency was launched in 2015 and enables the construction and operation of smart contracts and distributed applications without downtime.
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Applications on the Ethereum platform require a special cryptographic ID – Ether. According to Ethereum’s core developers, the logo can be traded, protected and distributed almost anything.

Ethereum experienced an attack in 2016, when the currency was divided into two parts: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
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In the competition for leading cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is the second most popular and is right after Bitcoin.


Zcash appeared in late 2016. The currency defines itself as follows: “If Bitcoin is like http for money, Zcash is https”.
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Zcash promises to provide transparency, security and privacy for transactions. Currency also offers the option of a “secure” transaction to allow users to transfer data in the form of an encrypted code.


Dash is originally a secret version of Bitcoin. It is also known as “Darkcoin” because of its mysterious nature.

Dash is popular as a provider of extended anonymity, allowing its users to make events impossible to trace.
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The currency first appeared on the digital market canvas in 2014. Since then, it has experienced a large fan tracking in a very short period of time.


With a market value of over $ 1 billion, Ripple is the last name on our list. The currency was introduced in 2012 and offers immediate, secure and affordable payments.
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Ripplen’s consensus book does not require mining, which distinguishes it from Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

The lack of mining reduces computing power, which ultimately minimizes latency and speeds up transactions.

While Bitcoin continues to lead the way in cryptographic packaging, competitors have accelerated. Currencies like Ethereum and Ripple have overtaken Bitcoin in enterprise solutions, and their popularity is growing every day. According to the trend, other crypts have come to stay and will soon give Bitcoin a really hard time maintaining its value.


Has cryptocurrency become a dream investment for every Indian?

Rich rewards often involve high risks, and the same is true for highly volatile cryptocurrency markets. Uncertainties around 2020 globally led to increased interest from the masses and large institutional investors in cryptocurrency trading, a new age asset class. Increasing digitalisation, a flexible regulatory framework and the lifting of the Supreme Court’s ban on banks dealing with cryptocurrency companies have parked more than 10 million Indians in investment last year. Several major global cryptocurrency exchanges are actively exploring the Indian cryptocurrency market, which has shown a steady rise in daily trading over the past year amid a sharp drop in prices as many investors looked to value buying. As the cryptocurrency trend continues, many new cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged in the country that enable buying, selling and trading by providing functionality through user-friendly applications. WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, doubled its user base from one million to two million in January-March 2021.
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What drives the world’s largest cryptocurrencies to the Indian market?

In 2019, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, Binance acquired the Indian WazirX trading platform. Another crypto start, Coin DCX secured the placement from Seychelles ’BitMEX and San Francisco-based giant Coinbase. By June 15, 2021, Indian cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups have attracted $ 99.7 million in investment, totaling about $ 95.4 million in 2020. Over the past five years, global investment in the Indian crypt market has grown by a staggering 1487%.
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Despite India’s unclear policy, global investors are making huge bets on the country’s digital coin ecosystem due to a number of factors such as e.g.
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• Technical Indian population

The majority of the population, 1.39 billion, are young people (median age 28–29 years) and have technical skills. While the older generation still prefers to invest in gold, real estate, patents or equities, newer ones adopt high-risk cryptocurrencies because they are more adaptable to them. India ranks 11th in the Chainalysis 2020 report on the global deployment of krypto, showing enthusiasm for krypto issues among the Indian population. Nor will the government’s less friendly attitude towards the crypt or the rumors revolving around the krypto undermine young people’s confidence in the digital coin market.
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India offers the world’s cheapest internet connection, with one gigabyte of mobile data costing about $ 0.26, compared to the global average of $ 8.53. So nearly half a billion users take advantage of affordable Internet access, improving India’s chances of becoming one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. LikeWeb says the country is the second largest source of online traffic for its peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform, Paxful. While the mainstream economy is still struggling with the “pandemic effect,” the cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in the country as it offers the young generation a new and fast way to make money.
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It is safe to say that cryptocurrencies can become Indian millennials, what gold is to their parents!

• Rise of Fintech start-ups

The cryptocurrency craze led to the emergence of several trading platforms, including WazirX, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, ZebPay, Unocoin, and many others. These cryptocurrency exchange platforms are highly secure, accessible from a variety of platforms, and enable instant events, providing a cryptographic interface for cryptocurrents to purchase, sell, or trade unlimited digital assets. Many of these platforms accept up to 0.1% of INR’s purchases and trading fees, so simple, fast, and secure platforms offer a lucrative opportunity for both first-time investors and local traders.

WazirX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms with more than 900,000 users and offers customers peer-to-peer business. CoinSwitch Kuber offers the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for Indians and is ideal for beginners as well as daily traders. Unocoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India with over one million merchants through mobile applications. CoinDCX offers users more than 100 cryptocurrencies as an alternative to exchange and even offers investors insurance to cover losses in the event of a security breach. So global investors are watching India’s numerous cryptocurrency exchange platforms to take advantage of emerging markets.

• Miscellaneous government response

A bill banning virtual currency, which would criminalize anyone who holds, issues, mines, trades and transfers cryptocurrencies, may come into force. However, Finance and Enterprise Minister Nirmala Sitharaman eased the concerns of some investors by saying the government had no plans to ban the use of cryptocurrencies altogether. In a statement to the leading English newspaper, the Deccan Herald, the finance minister said: “For our part, we are very clear that we do not close all options. We give people certain windows to experiment with the blockchain, bitcoins, or cryptocurrency.” It is clear that the government will continue to review the national security risks of cryptocurrencies before deciding on a total ban.

In March 2020, the Supreme Court overturned a central bank decision to ban financial institutions from trading in cryptocurrencies, causing investors to accumulate in the cryptocurrency market. Despite a long-running fear of a ban, transaction volumes continued to grow, and user registration and cash flow at the local cryptocurrency increased 30-fold year-over-year. One of India’s oldest exchanges, Unocoin added 20,000 users in January-February 2021. Zebpay’s total daily volume in February 2021 corresponded to the volume generated during the entire month of February 2020. In an interview with CNBC-TV18, the Finance Minister for India’s cryptocurrency scenario said: “I can only give you this hint that we are not thinking, but we are exploring ways to experiment in the digital world and cryptocurrencies.”

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, investors and stakeholders want to do their best to spread the digital coin ecosystem until the government introduces a ban on “private” cryptocurrency and unveils a sovereign digital currency.

Is India on the road to economic inclusion through cryptocurrency?

When the ever-growing number of female investors and traders was seen as a “boys’ club ”due to the commitment of men in the cryptocurrency market, it has led to more gender-neutral new and digital investment methods. In the past, women stuck to traditional investments, but now they are becoming risk takers and venturing into the crypt space in India. After the Supreme Court clarified the legality of the “virtual currency,” India’s cryptocurrency platform CoinSwitch witnessed an exponential 1,000 percent increase in its female users. Although female investors still make up a small part of the crypto community, they face stiff competition in the Indian market. Women tend to save much more than their male counterparts, and greater savings mean a more diverse investment target, such as high-yield assets such as cryptocurrencies. Women are also more analytical and better at assessing risks before making the right investment choices, making them more successful investors.

Increasing the general institutional introduction of cryptocurrencies

The uncertainty and panic caused by SARS-Covid 19 led to a liquidity crisis even before the economic crisis. Many investors turned their holdings into cash to secure their finances, leading to a collapse in bitcoin and altcoin prices. But even though the crypt suffered a major collapse, it still managed to be the best-performing asset class of 2020. The system’s increased vulnerability and loss of confidence in central bank policy and money in its current design people have an increased appetite for digital currencies, leading to an increase in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the brilliant performance of cryptocurrencies in the midst of the global financial crisis, the uptrend has strengthened interest in the virtual currency market in Asia and the rest of the world.

In addition, digital payment gateways such as PayPal have shown support for cryptocurrencies that allow consumers to hold, buy or sell virtual assets, increasing society’s demand for convenient and reliable transaction solutions. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that he would invest $ 1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency market and that the power company would accept bitcoins from buyers, leading to an increase in international bitcoin prices from $ 40,000 to $ 48,000 within two. days. The two largest payment platforms around the world, Visa and Mastercard, also support cryptocurrencies by introducing them as a means of payment. Although Visa has already announced that it will allow transactions with stable coins in the Ethereum block chain, Mastercard will start cryptocurrencies sometime in 2021.

What will the future of India’s cryptocurrency market bring?

The Indian cryptocurrency market is not immune to terrible cryptocurrency bids. Despite huge investments from global colleagues, local investors continue to distance themselves from cryptocurrencies due to the uncertainty about the legality of the Indian digital coin ecosystem and the high volatility of the market. Although the cryptocurrency market has flourished since last year, Indians own less than 1% of the world’s bitcoins, creating a strategic disadvantage for the Indian economy. The Indian government intends to appoint a new panel to examine the possibilities of regulating digital currencies in the country and to focus on blockchain technology and propose it for technological improvements.

The ability of blockchain technology to provide a secure and immutable infrastructure has been implemented in various industries to embed transparency in events. In a country with more than 15 million krypton adopters, the Committee’s new recommendation could be of great value in determining the future of cryptocurrencies in India. However, stakeholders believe that technical and economic power will make India a key player in the crypto and blockchain market. Gradually, cryptocurrency is gaining widespread acceptance, which could lead to the proliferation of the digital currency.

According to another TechSci Research Report on “Indian Cryptocurrency Market By offer (hardware and software), by process (mining and transactions), by type (Bitcoin, Etgereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dashcoin, Litecoin, others), by end user (banking, real estate, stock market and virtual currency), By Region, Forecast & Opportunities, 2026 “, India’s cryptocurrency is expected to grow at a significant CAGR due to a growing transparency requirement and lower transaction costs. In addition, the proliferation of digital currency and growing blockchain technology are fueling India’s cryptocurrency market.

Astrology forecasts for 2014-2015

As we can see, great changes have taken place in the world since then.

Here are just a few:

– Central banks have more power than ever before

– The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to almost 0 percent

– Quantitative easing, ie the printing of money, has become the new norm

– Disputes over taxes and tax reforms have escalated

– Movements to oust leaders continue, including the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the resignation of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya

– Cyber ​​espionage is rampant revelations that the NSA regularly illegally spies on its citizens

– We have seen the changes in the country intensify with earthquakes and tsunamis, which are displacing entire continents

What does the future look like as we approach the end of Cardinal Climax?

I see two completely opposite scenarios:

– Global debt is reaching its limits, the financial system is panicking and stock markets are collapsing

– Governments ceased operations and pay off their debts


– Business, banking and government leaders are starting to behave transparently instead of secretly and are working hard to restore people’s trust in them

– Political leaders are making compromises to reduce debt

– Companies are rewarded for hiring people and are not penalized

It could go either way. There may be a reversal of the distressing economic activity of the last 6 years or an escalation of the same practices.

With three planets retreating in succession from early 2014 (Venus retreating in January, Mercury retreating in February, and Mars retreating from March to May), I expect leaders to change their minds quickly and bankers to change their policies. unexpectedly, the market will turn around due to greater uncertainty.

President Obama

As I predicted last year, through Neptune’s Square, there is a possibility of scandal, deception and misleading behavior on his birthplace, and his credibility may be called into question. His reputation can be damaged and he needs to make sure he does it all.

This aspect is difficult because the Moon represents his public image. Not only do Americans feel cheated on him, but also Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few, because of his turn and failure to communicate with them.

Moving Jupiter will connect his sun in September 2014. This may be the highlight of his career, but it can also mean he goes to extremes. His reputation could become badly tarnished especially when Saturn is opposite his birth and natal Pluto in 2015.

The main thing is that he has to be honest. If he can do this, he will be able to save his reputation. If not, he falls out of grace and breaks his reputation.

Stock market

I predicted the stock market would collapse in 2013 and I was wrong. I had not understood the strong impact of Pluto in Capricorn on central bank intervention in the financial markets. I didn’t realize it would distort the market so much. I had no idea how far and how deep those forces could manipulate the market. The strong influence of Pluto in the Capricorn on the mutual reception of Scorpio’s Saturn had led to the endless printing of money from scratch. This seems to continue for at least the next year, suggesting that the stock market is expected to rise in the near future.

Where to invest and what to avoid:

Jupiter will move back and forth between Cancer and Leo in 2014. Jupiter’s brand indicates that equity sectors are more likely to outperform the general market.

Jupiter in Cancer until July 16, 2014 shows the stock sectors that are likely to benefit: housing, hotels, motels, restaurants, all family and home related, food, beverage, care.

Jupiter in Leo July 17, 2014 – August 11, 2015 favors children’s games and toys, games, gaming companies, leisure, entertainment industry, gambling, everything related to children, gold mining, romance, love and dating.

Saturn’s position seems to indicate the sectors whose price is falling. When Saturn was in Scorpio until almost the end of 2014, the sectors most likely to be affected by the bills are: banks, insurance companies, investment companies, security companies, waste management, funeral services, oil and gas companies, medical and surgical suppliers.

As long as the Fed continues to intervene in the financial markets, stock prices will rise. I suspect they will stop QE in the near future, so stocks are likely to continue to rise. If the Dow Jones index falls below 13,000, this could mean a downward shift in the market.

Gold and silver

The Federal Reserve may cut back on its bond and securities purchases, which will raise interest rates and lead to a fall in the price of gold.

However, if we see a growing political upheaval and increasing social unrest, which I expect, it would support the rise in the price of gold.

When Jupiter in Cancer and the Lion represent silver and gold, and Mars goes to Scorpio from July 25 to September 13, 2014, this may be a time of a sharp rise in precious metals, as Mars in Scorpio is a good predictor. rising gold and silver prices.

In the long run, however, gold and silver prices will rise. What exactly when depends on how long manipulators can rule the market. When confidence collapses and the market panics, everyone turns to gold. At the moment, it is affordable. If you have extra money, buy a small amount of both gold and silver. Keep buying whenever the price goes down. At some point, I’m still sure the exchange for gold will exceed $ 3,000 an ounce and silver $ 100 an ounce.

Weather changes

I predicted last year that with so many planets in the water, we would see floods, heavy rains, tornadoes, and great destruction from the water. We saw floods in so many places around the world: in Colorado, much of Europe, Canada, the devastating floods in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thailand, and more recently the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, just to name a few.

With Jupiter eating almost 7 months a year, Saturn still in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, I expect more problems around the water and floods again this year.

When Jupiter is in the Lion since July 16, especially with the square of Saturn in Scorpio, I believe this can lead to extreme heat, widespread fires, and heat in areas where it is least expected.

Uranus plays such a central role in Aries triggering the Cardinal Cross, so I expect extreme temperature changes, earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages, and general weather and ground changes.

During Mars Retrograd, March 2 – May 20 is not the best time to start something new, such as a job or a move.

It is not a good time to start a dispute, as the attacker usually loses.

Mars controls the surgery, so if you have elective surgery, try to schedule it before or after the Martian retrograde.

This is going to be a great time for those working in the workshop industry, especially anything related to mechanical or technical damage. So many people’s systems are falling apart right now and there will be a high demand for their services.

Summary of forecasts for 2014:

Finance and government:

The economic stagnation continues

More riots and demonstrations

After the rescue package, the rescue continues

Higher unemployment

More failures of large insurance companies

Rising food and electricity costs

Gold and silver are very volatile, but rising by the end of the year

Mobile money continues to grow

Introduction of more cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin

Printed publications are still dying

More whistleblowers will emerge like Edward Snowden

Various governments tried to suppress internet freedoms


Improvements in stem cell therapy

Breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment

Great progress in genome sequencing

The mobile fitness equipment market is growing

Growth in health applications, e.g. Diabetes UK for blood sugar, Healthsome for blood pressure

People are more actively involved in their own health care

Housing and housing:

Passive housing is becoming a growing market

Sustainable cities are becoming more common

Growth in the use and application of green technology

Cities become smarter when sensors combine traffic, healthcare, lighting, e.g., sensors to help you find a hotspot, safety, security, earthquake detection


The number of wearable devices is increasing

Google Glass is launched mainstream

Apple iWatch will come this year

Ipads and tablets are growing in education worldwide

Improvements in battery technology, such as mobile phones that can be charged from scratch in just 10 minutes and stay charged for at least a week

Increase space travel and exploration

Robots are used in daily activities

3D printing is becoming mainstream

Smarter devices that track where we are, what we do and how they can help us

More time travel experiments

Space exploration is increasing with the exploration of other universes

New technology and social media help people find work e.g. Backr, Networking for Work, which trains job seekers to use social media for job search

We take advantage of technology so we can all find meaningful work


Extreme patterns worldwide

More earthquakes than usual

Larger hot and cold extremes

Floods and water problems

Finding new countries rising from the sea

Power outages

The need for survival kits and backup for electricity, food and water

Breakthroughs in our understanding of the sea


Awakening of consciousness is becoming more common

People connected with “their tribes”

Movements of big people to safer places where they can be more self-sufficient and connect with like-minded people


In these turbulent times during Cardinal Climax, we have a unique opportunity to bring about personal and global change that will change our world for the better.

These difficult considerations can help bring about much-needed change because we cannot continue to destroy our planet as we have done. The triangle between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn is still at play, allowing us to create a world where love and peace reign.

Happy New Year!

The Bitcoin Mining Game has changed

ASCI or application-specific integrated circuits have entered the Bitcoin mining market. The first plane arrived at the miner’s home in late January, and since then there have been reports of shipped ASCI machines that have found their way into the miners ’Bitcoin mining machines.

Because ASCI machines are specifically designed for Bitcoin’s mining mission, they are highly efficient machines in what they are designed to do. The spreading rate per second of high-end ASCI machines is over one million. The spreading rate per second of a typical processor using Bitcoin mining software is 1.5.

Needless to say, the shipment of ASCI machines has been a game changer in the world of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining software no longer even supports processors because a 24-hour CPU is unlikely to see Bitcoin for several years, even if it mines in a pool.

This trend favors those interested in mining, who also have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive equipment, as well as early users of Bitcoin mining, who are likely to have made hefty profits from their early mining efforts. These early profits could be used for the latest and greatest hardware and equipment to continue producing Bitcoins well into the future.

Miners who use relatively efficient GPUs suffer the most from ASCI development. The difficulty of successfully mining a Bitcoin block has grown to a level that could cause the cost of electricity to exceed the profit that a GPU miner sees in Bitcoin from year to year.

All of this speculation is strongly tied to Bitcoin’s price stability in the future. If Bitcoin stays at its current $ 30 level, innovation will continue to progress. ASCI has contributed in part to the rally Bitcoin has seen in the last 2 months. Bitcoin’s dollar exchange rate has risen from $ 10 to $ 30. It’s hard to find an investment in such a return on any planet, so it’s only natural that Bitcoin has been paying attention in recent days. But does this endure attention? And if so, will it bring more control and instability to the young digital currency than stability? In the long run, relative stability is one of the qualities that Bitcoin needs to strengthen if it is to achieve its original goal of being a viable and competitive currency globally.

So does Bitcoin exceed the stamp of the current speculative instrument? The answer lies in a tangled network of variables that includes a wide range of humanity: politics, psychology, economics, fear, freedom, privacy, security … etc. Whatever the outcome, it will surely become a fascinating presentation.

Overview of the first coin tender (ICO)

The ICO is a means of raising funds for various cryptocurrency projects in unregulated ways. Startups are using it to bypass the regulated and rigorous capital raising process required by banks and venture capitalists. In such a campaign, a certain percentage of the cryptocurrencies are sold to project sponsors at a very early stage in other cryptocurrencies or legal tender.

How is it done

When a company wants to raise money using the original coin offer, there must be a plan on white paper outlining the details of the project. It should outline what the project is about, what the project needs, what it aims to complete. It should also indicate the money needed to complete the entire project and how much the pioneers are allowed to keep.

The plan must also state what currency will be accepted and how long the campaign will run. During the campaign, supporters and enthusiasts of the initiative will buy cryptocurrencies in virtual currency or Fiat. Coins are called coins and are very similar to shares of a company that are sold to investors in a public offering. If the required minimum is not reached, the money will be refunded and the entire ICO will be deemed to have failed. When the requirements are met within a certain time, cash can be used to start the system or even complete it if it was still in progress.

Investors participating in the project early are mainly motivated to buy cryptocurrencies in the hope that the plan will be successful and that they will get more added value after its release. Such projects have been very successful in different economies and that is one of the main things that motivates investors.


ICOs can be compared to crowdfunding and listings. Just like in a IPO, a startup must sell shares to find funds to help such a company operate. The only difference is that IPOs deal with investors, while ICOs work closely with supporters who are very interested in new projects, such as a crowdfunding event.

However, ICOs differ from a private equity fund in the sense that ICO supporters are generally motivated to get a high return on their investment. Funds raised through crowdfunding are basically donations. For this reason, ICOS is called mass selling.

So far, a lot of successful deals have been made. ICOs are an innovative tool in our digital age. However, it is important for investors to be careful because some campaigns can become fraudulent. This is because they are highly unregulated. Financial authorities are not involved in this, and if you lose funds as a result of such initiatives, it will be difficult to track compensation.

For this reason, some regions do not allow the use of ICOs at all. For security reasons, it is important to buy such currency only from reliable sources.

Ways to invest for capital gains

6 Ways To Make A Capital Gain

There are basically two types of investment income. Capital gains and investment income.

Investment income is income that you receive from property, examples of investment income are interest on savings, rents on real estate and dividends on shares.

Capital gains are the increased value of assets; Examples of capital gains are increases in the value of assets, shares and other assets.

Some investments generate capital gains but not income; examples of these are precious metals such as gold, bitcoin, antiques and other collectibles.

Here are the investments that generate a capital gain:

Stock market

The stock market offers excellent opportunities for capital gains. For most people, investing directly in the market is not an option because of the transaction fees accrued on the purchase and sale of shares, it is not worth the effort, but there are many funds under management in which investors with limited funds can participate. New Zealand is one. Investors can drop feed money into the market through Sharesie, and there is the opportunity to invest in a variety of funds or individual companies. Other platforms of the same type in New Zealand include Investnow, Kernelwealth and Hatch. However, these are not the only ones.

Your pension scheme invests in managed (mutual funds) and they are also a kind of capital gain. In New Zealand, joining Kiwisaver is pointless. Kiwisaver is a pension scheme in New Zealand.


The real estate market has been a popular Captain Gains tool for many investors who use not only their money but also other people’s money in the form of a loan. The income comes from the rent on which the mortgage is paid. All of the associated costs are the most popular form of capital gain and the easiest for a novice investor to get their toes wet in the market while learning, as there are multiple mutual funds available and start-up costs are minimal. In New Zealand, Sharesies costs only $ 1 in admission, allowing you to invest in managed funds or individual companies. That’s a great way to get a tax deduction. This type of investment can turn into custard, like for tenants. If you are willing to take the risk, this investment may be appropriate.

Your own home is a good source of capital income if you plan to sell at some point.

Another way to get to the real estate ladder is to buy shares of real estate investment companies in the stock market. This can be done by investing in individual companies or in managed funds that invest in real estate.

Compound interest

You’ve probably heard of interest rates; that is, when you invest in fixed-term accounts at x% interest. Instead of getting your interest payments to your bank account, you let them add to your principal and earn interest on your principal and past interest payments. This is called the additional interest rate.

The capital increase is called a “capital gain”.

Interest rates are currently very low (2020); in some cases lower than inflation, making such an investment less attractive. Therefore, it is important that you exercise due diligence and do not have to be attracted to a higher interest rate finance company because higher interest rates carry a higher risk. These higher interest rate finance companies lend higher risk to borrowers.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest your money in these companies, but rather do due diligence and at least diversify your portfolio instead of investing all your life savings in one company.


This is purely speculative, but it can be a good hedge against a market downturn. One downside to gold is finding its storage location. Another way to invest in gold is to buy gold stocks in the stock market. Buying gold coins from auction sites like eBay and Trademe is another option. As with other investments, it’s worth doing your homework and reading all about gold and other precious metals.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the like should be treated as speculative investments, so only invest money here if you can afford to lose it. I say use your discretionary income to buy cryptocurrency. This type of investing can be a roller coaster ride, but one piece of advice that can be helpful is that you don’t just buy all of your cryptocurrency in one transaction, but do it weekly, twice weekly, or monthly so you have the opportunity to make a purchase when the currency is low. It is called the average.

Collectibles / Antiques

Investing in collectibles can give you a sense of satisfaction and profit when you plan to sell. You really need to know your stuff when dealing with antiques. Always remember that something is only worth what others are willing to pay for. If someone is willing to pay $ 1,000 for a painting at auction, it’s worth it, but if another painting is sold at auction for only $ 10, it’s worth it. The value of something is just a matter of opinion.

Recently (2020), some of Banksy’s paintings sold for over $ 100,000 in New Zealand. The seller of the paintings paid a total of $ 500 for them in London (UK) some years earlier. It just shows how one eye trading can be profitable.

Collectors of small items such as stamps, banknotes, beer stickers, and so on can list their duplicates on auction sites to fund their hobby.

Analysis of the spread of the amount of learning

I have been trading using a method called VSA or volume difference analysis that I have learned from Tom Williams, a former syndicated trader living in Europe. His main theology is based on three principles.

1. Tracking and understanding the volume that shows the actual activities of professionals, which is most important because professionals move the market, not retailers.

2. After the difference, which is the highest / lowest value of each bar present, this warns the trader of an increase or decrease in a certain price movement.

3. Closing rate or price function that tells how the price reacts to volume and difference.

Using these three techniques, you can successfully trade with professionals on the right side of the market. As you learn to understand these principles, you will find that your decision to trade is rational based on what you actually see, and not a false indicator.

Tom Williams stepped up research on Wycoff’s second major trader to create a traditional software that could be used for trading, called a trade-guider. Which takes about 3K. However, I do not recommend that you spend your money on this b / c, you can take the principles you have learned and trade successfully without it coming out of your pocket.

I switch to any pair based on what I get from my daily charts, and look at the differences and volume when I write a trade, it’s based on the fact that I see either a non-demand bar that closed due to low volume or not a professional. support this movement. Or a downward transition without professional support. To better understand VSA, you can use the volume and accelerator pedal in your car, and what you spread is a real movement, the diagram represents the hill your car needs to climb. You may have a very high volume, but your spread is small, which basically means that a lot of gas was used, but the actual movement of the car didn’t move far.

Crypto TREND – Fifth Edition

As we expected, we have received many questions from readers since the release of Crypto TREND. In this edition, we answer the most common ones.

What changes are coming that could be game changers in the cryptocurrency sector?

One of the biggest changes affecting the cryptocurrency world is an alternative block validation method called Proof of Stake (PoS). We try to keep this explanation at a fairly high level, but it is important to have a conceptual understanding of what the difference is and why it is a significant factor.

Keep in mind that the technology behind digital currencies is called a blockchain, and most current digital currencies use a validation protocol called Proof of Work (PoW).

When using traditional payment methods, you must trust a third party, such as Visa, Interact, or a bank, or a check clearing house to process your payment transaction. These Trusted Entities are “centralized,” meaning they keep their own private records that record transaction history and the balance of each account. They will show you the events and you have to accept that it is correct, or start a dispute. Only the parties to the trade will see it.

With Bitcoin and most other digital currencies, accounting is “decentralized,” meaning everyone on the web gets a copy, so no one has to trust a third party, such as a bank, because anyone can check the information directly. This validation process is called a “decentralized consensus.”

PoW requires that “work” be done to validate a new event to access the block chain. In cryptocurrencies, validation is done by “miners” who have to solve complex algorithmic problems. As algorithmic problems become more complex, these “miners” will need more expensive and more efficient computers to solve all other problems. “Mining” computers are often specialized, typically using ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) chips, which are more skilled and faster in solving these difficult problems.

Here is the process:

  • The events are bundled together into a “block”.
  • Miners ensure that the events in each block are legal by solving a scatter algorithm puzzle game known as the “proof of work problem.”
  • The first miner to solve a block of “proof of work problem” will be rewarded with a small amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Once verified, the events are stored in a public block chain throughout the network.
  • As the number of transactions and mines increases, so does the difficulty of solving decentralization problems.

While PoW helped get the blockchain and decentralized, unreliable digital currencies in motion, it has some real flaws, especially as these miners consume electricity in an attempt to solve “evidence of work problems” as quickly as possible. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, a digital economist, Bitcoin miners use more energy than 159 countries, including Ireland. As the price of every Bitcoin goes up, more and more miners are trying to solve problems by consuming more and more energy.

All of this power consumption just to validate transactions has motivated many in the digital currency mode to look for an alternative method to validate blocks, and the leading candidate is a method called “Proof of Stake” (PoS).

PoS is still an algorithm and has the same purpose as a work certificate, but the process to achieve the goal is quite different. There are no miners in PoS, but instead we have “validators”. PoS relies on the trust and knowledge that all people who reinforce transactions have a skin at play.

In this way, instead of using energy to respond to PoW problems, the PoS validator is limited to validating a certain percentage of events that reflect his or her ownership. For example, a validator that owns 3% of the available ether can theoretically validate only 3% of the blocks.

In PoW, the probability of solving a work-proof problem depends on how much computing power you have. With PoS, it depends on how much cryptocurrency you have in the “bet”. The higher the stake you have, the greater the chance of solving the block. Instead of winning cryptocurrencies, the winning validator will receive transaction fees.

Validators feed their input by “locking in” some of their fund realities. If they try to do something harmful against the network, such as creating an “incorrect block”, their bet or deposit will be forfeited. If they do their job and do not break the network, but do not get the right to confirm the block, they will get their bet or deposit back.

If you understand the basic difference between PoW and PoS, that’s all you need to know. Only those who intend to become miners or validators need to fully understand all two of these two validation methods. The majority of the general public who want to own cryptocurrencies simply buy them through the stock exchange and do not participate in the actual mining or validation of block transactions.

Most of the cryptosector believes that in order for digital currencies to survive in the long run, digital tokens need to switch to the PoS model. At the time of writing, Ethereum is the second largest digital currency behind Bitcoin, and their development team has been working on their PoS algorithm for the past few years. We expect Casper to be introduced in 2018, putting Ethereum ahead of all other major cryptocurrencies.

As we have seen in this area in the past, major events such as the successful introduction of Casper can raise Ethereum’s prices much higher. We will keep you updated on future issues of Crypto TREND.

Stay tuned!

Bitcoin Brokers – Understand the benefits of cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used, saved or invested and can also be stolen. Trading in Bitcoins was considered risky, but current trends show that it has become a big hit in the binary options sector. No decentralized currency is regulated by any government or central authority.

What determines the price of Bitcoins?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by supply and demand. Price rises as demand grows, prices fall as demand falls. Bitcoins in circulation are limited and new ones are emerging very slowly. Because it does not have enough cash to change the market price, its price can be very volatile.

The Bitcoin store is popular because –

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders as all currencies lose some of their purchasing power as reserve banks weigh more currency. As Bitcoin’s beating system is limited to just 21 million Bitcoins, it is unlikely to be affected by inflation.
  • Low risk of collapse – Exchange rate fluctuations depend on the government’s trade policy, which sometimes causes hyperinflation and even leads to currency collapse. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.
  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments are made between peer-to-peer networks without an intermediary, making it simple and inexpensive.
  • Easy to carry – Millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins can be carried in your pocket with a memory stick. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Untraceable – No government regulates the issuance of Bitcoin, so the risk of seizure is zero.

Binary Options Bitcoin Trading Platform

Binary options brokers are exploring the popularity of these Bitcoins and its ever-varying values. Therefore, they take this opportunity to offer merchants the latest unstable cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that offer cryptocurrency as a trading option are –

  • One-touch option – Bitcoin trading can be done with AnyOption or one-touch option. For example, the currently popular currency pair is BTC / USD.

  • SetOption – The latest asset trading option is BITCOIN / USD.

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple e-commerce platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand how the market works.

The trading screen is simple.

  • Select price direction (UP / DOWN)

  • Select an interval

Is Bitcoin safe?

The Bitcoin network is possibly the world’s largest decentralized computing project. The most common vulnerability here is user errors. Like other files in digital format, Bitcoin wallet files can be lost, stolen, or accidentally lost.

However, users can use sensible security strategies to protect their money. Alternatively, you can choose service providers that offer a high level of security as well as insurance in case of loss or theft.

What do asset charts look like?

Asset charts are important visual presentation tools to highlight financial information in the form of network structures.

Financial portfolios in the form of assets that do not have complex relationships arising from different parts of the business, including ownership, management, and geographic location, among other factors.

The complexity of investment portfolios is reflected not only in the influencing factors but also in the consequences of investments, such as returns and costs.

Because assets are surrounded by different characteristics, it is essential that each investor or stakeholder understands a holistic representation of the effects, relationships, and outcomes of those characteristics on the assets.

The clarity of these features and their relationship / impact to the asset can be clearly emphasized using network diagrams. The networkography describes the nodes and edges and the relationships between the different entities representing the nodes and edges.

Some of the financial clarity provided by these charts includes: –

  • Survey

Asset charts are useful tools for identifying the network structure of a portfolio. The relationships between the different entities in the portfolio cascade into each attribute, highlighting the nodes and edges of the portfolio. Visualization of these entities and corresponding relationships are essential tools in portfolio labeling.

Asset Mapping Assets are a critical factor in determining ownership and responsibility and in strengthening the transparency and visibility of an investment. Clearing not only strengthens investment intelligence, but also provides better visibility into leadership and decision-making.

  • Diversification

Asset charts are also ingenious tools for emphasizing the quality of decentralization. The network structure of the portfolio emphasizes the diversity of assets in a robust way, which facilitates institution-specific and data-driven decision-making. The image created by the asset charts can be used to determine the diversification structure and identify key factors to assess the validity of the existing structure.

  • Risk

Utilizing network diagnostics in an asset chart is a very fundamental application of asset charts. By examining the network effect, the risk aspect of the investment portfolio can be identified in an existing situation or simulated. Therefore, the asset chart can be used in risk management as an early warning system for risk concentration, forensic analysis and diagnostics of portfolio scenarios, stress testing, among other risk management applications.

In addition, the visibility provided by asset charts in relation to the entities highlights the different businesses and activities surrounding the asset and the asset, and thus the asset chart provides a better picture of the contagion risk that the asset is likely to face based on its relationships with other companies or firms. activities described by the butterfly effect.

  • Trend

Finally, examining network impact not only provides risk exposure, but also allows decision makers to optimize the benefits identified from the asset chart. The analysis provided can be used to identify trends and thus proactively create better products for future applications, new products based on behavior change, and alternative solutions to market as presented by the models.

The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Staff and Business Survival

Being involved with technology solutions professionals see things that could be a real threat to you, your staff or even your business; while the internet can be seen as a wonderful tool (cloud based communications and solutions for example) and all of the other great achievements that the internet has created there is a far darker side to it all; of that there is no doubt and it can be a real threat.

And factually you have in your business nowhere to run or nowhere to hide; sooner or later it becomes a high odd’s bet that employee, you or your company will suffer and in severe cases the effects could even close your company overnight.

Don’t believe this? Read on where examples of actual major threats are shown below. Not worried? You should be!

It’s so dangerous that Deloitte opened a cyber threat hunting service!

But on an everyday level to ordinary SME’s just like your business there really is no amount of anti virus this or anti malware that available that is really going to help; the examples below show you exactly why; things these days have moved on exponentially to levels that you may not believe, but some are revealed that are actual examples highlighting just how bad these threats have become. There will be casualties no doubt but you don’t want to be one of them!

Email has been a driving force that has moved forward communications between every aspect of business that anyone could imagine, from sales, customers, support, management, publicity and many more important areas; but it’s obvious that the underlying technology of email servers are flawed and because it’s now a worldwide transport for communications that’s hard to fix; these communications channels have to be compatible with every other email server in the world and that creates massive inherent vulnerabilities.

In almost every town, city or country, government bodies are working towards combating fraud and other nasty things from many areas, but email is one of the most widely abused platforms there is because of the ease of abuse by non-experts. And if you’re not an expert it does not take long to learn how to be one!

One organisation in the UK is Action Fraud operated by the police and while they handle other areas of fraud, email scams are very high on their list.

But here’s where things start to get nasty. Since the advent of cryptocurrency worldwide fraud has increased exponentially. And in the USA SEC Rejects Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund because they are very concerned about investor losses in Bitcoin.

However, this article is specific; Bitcoin is being used fraudulently and in both of the cases shown below Bitcoin is clearly involved in the transportation of monies to the perpetrators of these illegal demands on you, your staff or even your business. It’s no joke and anyone ignoring these really bad potential harms to their organisation will sooner or later come unstuck in maybe a really big way. The results could be catostrophic.

The first example shown below included personal details of the recipient that have been removed for security reasons. But this email (that passed every check through a company’s infrastructure) is threatening the life of an employee and should never be ignored.

Note that bitcoin and email addresses are edited for security purposes throughout this article.


“From: kristin*********

Sent: ******

To: *********

Subject: How to save themself

Read this warn carefully, since it can be the last in your life.

People are by nature envious. Given the fact of successful development of your business, people (your contestant ) paid me 30,000 Pound Sterling for your head on a stick.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this kind of work, but I’m already tired of these envious bastards and your life will be the last one I’ll take or will not do, it’s up to you.

Under normal circumstances, I would just do the work for which I was paid without going into the details, but I’m going to get away from it and go on a long-awaited vacation.

You have 2 versions for deciding this problem.

Adopt my proposal or refuse.

You pay me 5 thousand GBP for safe your life and you receive all the information about the customer with whom you apply to the police and thus you save your life and the lives of your relatives.

The second option is you ignore my proposal and turn to the police, but by the same token you will only postpone your judgment day, even if I can not do the work, then somebody else will do it, not within a week and say in a month or half a year, but order for your head will be fulfilled sooner or later.

Thus, you will be afraid of every rustle, walk around looking and thinking that you are being persecuted.

If you want such a life, your choice, but if I were you, I would think very well.

Tickets to England have been taken for July **, and you have exactly 3 days to transfer money to an anonymous account bitcoin 1QJNjRmon3iD3RwdjaGomFLHs25B******.

I can check the last time receipt of money before the flight to you, on the **th

In the event of receiving a reward, I will not come to take your life, but will also pass all the information about your customer (Let the bastards get what they deserve) and you can protect yourself, otherwise you know the consequences.

The well-being of the future life depends on your choice.

Think about your life, you family.

on all will of Allah”


The above email is unedited except for recipients details and Bitcoin account numbers. It can be clearly seen in this email that there is a threat on the life of the recipient. While some recipients would simply brush this type of email off, others become extremely concerned; it’s easy to see exactly why. Indeed some recipients will go and pay the demanded money and not think twice. Imagine that a key employee received this email and they completely believed its contents? The resultant downfall of the employee could be extreme. This email threatens the recipients life and mentions their family etc.

Notice that the spelling is incorrect for English on this example (undisclosed but its in the content) and somehow the writer suggests that the email is the ‘will of Allah’. Probably not. But the user identified the recipient was in ‘England’ likely from the email address so the recipient could believe some of the contents.

The above email passed numerous checks throughout the receiving companies infrastructure. Now it’s easy to see if you are tech savvy, but most email users are not. And if you’re a small SME then things could happen that could literally create very serious effects on your business even though the email targeted an employee. But if you’re not tech savvy and a company owner, would you believe the above? and send money? Many will have and that ‘feeds’ the criminals for millions of pounds or in this case $US.

Bitcoin in the above example is used because Bitcoin CANNOT be traced to the ultimate recipient of the payment. This is a major flaw in crypto currency and one reason (irrespective of some suggesting it’s an easy way to make money) you really should have nothing to do with it. Criminals use Bitcoin all the time.

As suggested, you just might not believe the above email if you received it, but there is no doubt that you might well believe the next example because it has information in it that is only known by you!


From: “Gloriana Feany”

To: *********************

Date: *********


I know ****** is your password. Lets get right to the purpose. You may not know me and you are most likely thinking why you are getting this email? Nobody has paid me to check you.

actually, I actually setup a malware on the X videos (porn material) web site and you know what, you visited this site to have fun (you know what I mean). While you were viewing videos, your web browser initiated operating as a RDP that has a key logger which gave me access to your display and webcam. Immediately after that, my software program gathered every one of your contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and emailaccount. And then I created a video. First part displays the video you were watching (you’ve got a fine taste hehe), and 2nd part displays the recording of your web camera, yea it is u.

There are two different possibilities. Let us take a look at each one of these options in details:

1st alternative is to skip this message. In this case, I most certainly will send your very own video clip to all your your contacts and visualize concerning the humiliation you will see. Moreover if you happen to be in a committed relationship, how it will affect?

Next choice should be to give me $3000. We are going to call it a donation. In this scenario, I most certainly will quickly remove your videotape. You will continue your way of life like this never took place and you will never hear back again from me.

You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for “how to buy bitcoin” in Google search engine).

BTC Address: 18PvdmxemjDkNxHF3p3Fu9wkaAZ********

[CASE sensitive, copy & paste it]

In case you are thinking about going to the law enforcement officials, very well, this e-mail can not be traced back to me. I have covered my actions. I am also not trying to charge you a lot, I simply want to be rewarded. I’ve a unique pixel in this e-mail, and at this moment I know that you have read through this email message. You have one day in order to pay. If I don’t get the BitCoins, I will certainly send your video to all of your contacts including family members, colleagues, etc. Having said that, if I receive the payment, I’ll erase the recording right away. If you really want evidence, reply Yup! then I will send out your video to your 7 friends. This is the non-negotiable offer, and thus please do not waste my personal time & yours by responding to this e mail.


This is an entirely different threat. The recipient picked this email up because of a multitude of reasons that were simply incorrect and not representative of their actions on the internet; however, the stated password was about 80% shown (and it would be reasonable to assume the perpetrator knew the rest of the password). This could be seen by many as a factual document and it’s credibility is created in the recipients mind by the inclusion of the password in to the threat.

Imagine owning a SME business that might indeed be a larger business, the threat demanded much more money and the recipient had viewed what was suggested in the email? People do. It could be seen as likely or at;east a possibility that the recipient might well pay the money to the perpetrator through Bitcoin. And again Bitcoin rears its ugly head.

Again in this second email instance shown the email passed all checks and tests in the company where the email was received. So these are real threats to individuals or business.

But consider this; how did the perpetrator get the recipients password? (it was an old password but nevertheless was mostly valid). The perpetrator suggested key logging on a site known for pornographic video and images. But that is most likely not where the perp got the details from.

When reading about companies like Facebook, TalkTalk, Dixons Carphone Warehouse, Equifax, Adobe, AOL, Apple, AT&T, British Airways, Mastercard and Visa, Compass Bank, Dominos Pizza, DVLA UK, Dropbox, Kmart, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Experian, Trump Hotels, Gmail, Vodaphone, Walmart, Morgan Stanley, NHS, Ofcom, SnapChat, Adidas, Macys, Sony Pictures (and the list goes on) is it really no wonder that most personal details of importance (even financially) of individuals and businesses are all over the internet. There is a Wikipedia about these breaches of data that is extremely concerning reading as these breaches involve all kinds of information that will no doubt be available to buy on the internet. With the incredible reductions in share prices at Facebook maybe that might be the start of a mass exodus from those sort of ‘social media’ sites; but of course Facebook is merely one of the very long list of companies that have let you down through not protecting your data properly as the list above clearly demonstrates.

Its easy to see why GDPR has become law and countries will continue to pass GDPR legislation accordingly. Thank all of the companies mentioned above and many more for allowing this ridiculous situation that could be the start of the downfall of the internet as it is known today.

But is it time to go back and retrospectively fine each and every company involved in the dispersal of personal details? Are those companies any less ‘guilty’ now? It seems for many companies that the only thing they understand is when they are faced with very large fines; and even the fines might be irrelevant to organisations like Facebook and Google because large fines seem to be ‘petty cash’ to some of those companies. But shere price reduction wakes them up.

If anyone is concerned about a ‘key logger’ from the above email example getting your information Kaspersky latest offering of internet security includes software that stops key loggers from logging your information as you type.

A third example of fraud covered in this article relates to a company that received an email pro-forma invoice to pay from one of its regular suppliers. One day the finance department received a pro-forma invoice that needed to be paid immediately. The email address and the invoice itself looked entirely unremarkable. The sending company advised the finance department that they had recently changed banks and that the new details were on the invoice attached. Finance paid the £60,000+ ( $US 80,000) invoice.

The only problem was, that the invoice was completely fraudulent, the email address did read correctly unless you looked close (instead of wonderful.com it was wonderfull.com (just made up example to illustrate the methodology used) and the recipient in the finance department saw and read what they were used to seeing. The real question is, how did the perpetrators get all that information about what an invoice should be like, the real suppliers details, etc., their website and email addresses and more; it’s food for thought and make no mistake it can be so easy to allow one of these scams through your business; the chances are pretty high and the consequences could be dire and even bankrupt your business if taken to the extreme.

There is no doubt that the underlying email systems are no longer fit for purpose in general and have not been for some time. Notice that in the first example the scammer sent mail from ‘mail.bg’ and the second one (even more concerning) was from ‘outlook.com’. While the sending email addresses can be ‘replaced’ with any email address upon examination those two shown emails seemed to be real; indeed one of the perps even used Google to advise how to use Bitcoin for payment. But there are multiples of very large companies that every day offer a service but allow their email servers and systems to send out such threatening emails to users. Maybe it’s time to pressure these organisations (outlook.com, gmail.com and there are multiples of others) to actually filter their emails properly as well as the sendersbefore these sort of threats go out and create serious harm that these sort of messages could easily do.

Of course there are millions of other examples of fraud through an outdated abused email system (and other related internet technologies) that could be shown here, but the aim of this article is to educate readers so that they don’t fall foul to these sort of appalling scams.

One company, Network Systems has seen many of these sort of internet related issues and offers a cybercrime service to SME’s to help to create a safe environment for empolyees and business as they work on the internet today.

Hopefully this article will at least make the reader think very hard about how they are going to ensure protection of employees and their company and if nothing else that is a wothwhile objective. Using specialist companies will always help more than by just trying to put solutions in place created by someone without experience in this area and could actually save your company.

Why never come another Bitcoin

It’s been a crazy 10 years for Bitcoin. In fact, it is more than 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto first created Bitcoin. Whoever he was, he or they were, they have had a profound impact on the world. They no doubt predicted why they decided to disappear from the limelight.

So more than a decade later, Bitcoin is still alive and stronger than ever. Thousands of other cryptocoins have come after everyone has tried to imitate the krypton king. Everyone has failed and will continue to fail. Bitcoin is one species. Something that can’t be copied. If you don’t know why, let me explain.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, I’ll give you just a few key points:

  • Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency

  • Its maximum supply is 21 million

  • It cannot be falsified

  • Not all coins are in circulation yet

  • It is completely decentralized without anyone controlling it

  • It cannot be censored

  • It’s Peer to Peer Money

  • Anyone can use it

  • Bitcoin has a fixed supply that decreases every 4 years

What makes Bitcoin different?

So what makes Bitcoin different from all the thousands of other coins that have been invented since then?

When Bitcoin was first invented, it began to spread slowly among a small group. It grew organically. As people began to see the benefits of Bitcoin and how the price would rise due to its fixed supply, it began to grow faster.

The Bitcoin blockchain has now spread to hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. It has spread beyond the control of any government. Its creator has disappeared and now it operates independently.

Developers can upgrade and improve the Bitcoin network, but this must be done unanimously throughout the Bitcoin network. No single person can control Bitcoin. This makes Bitcoin unique and impossible to copy.

There are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies available, but as an example of what makes Bitcoin different, I use Ethereum as an example. It is one of the largest Alt coins at the moment and has been since Vitalik Buterin invented it in 2015.

Vitalik controls the block chain of Ethereum and has, in principle, the last word in all developments in Ethereum.

Censorship and lack of government

This example imagines Iran sending billions of dollars to North Korea to fund its new nuclear weapons program. This is not a good situation, but it is meant to show you how your money is safer on Bitcoin!

Anyway .. the first example. Iran uses the normal banking system and transfers this money to North Korea in dollars. The US government says wait a minute, we need to freeze these transactions and seize the money … Easy. They do it right away and the problem is over.

Another example. The same thing happens again, but this time Iran is using the Ethereum block chain to send money to North Korea. The US government is seeing what is happening. Let’s make a call.

“Get Vitalik Buterin Here NOW”

The U.S. government is “putting pressure” on Vitalik and they are forcing him to cancel the block chain and cancel Iran’s dealings. (The Ethereum block chain has, in fact, been canceled in the past when a hacker stole a significant amount of funds).

Problem solved. Unfortunately, the credibility of Ethererum and its price would be destroyed.

Ethereum is just an example, but it is true for all other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin cannot be stopped

So the same thing happens again. This time, Iran is using Bitcoin as a means of payment. The US government sees this and is powerless to stop it.

There is no one to call. There is no one to put pressure on. Bitcoin is out of censorship.

Every other cryptocurrency is created by someone or a company, and it is always the point of failure. They are still centralized.

Another example would be if the Vitalik family were taken hostage. Bitcoin is above all this and is therefore the safest investment on the planet.

Learn how to use Bitcoin

Everyone should own bitcoins. However, it is not dangerous. If you are a new Bitcoin user, you should learn as much as you can before investing money. There is a lot of responsibility involved in owning Bitcoin. Learn how to use Bitcoin safely.