Coinbase says "No decision" It’s made for Ripple

“No decision” on new funds, Coinbase says among Ripple rumors

Coinbase opposes stories that it may soon add Ripplen’s XRP ID to its current trade pairs.

The speculation came after it revealed that Coinbase’s chief operating officer and president Asiff Hirji may appear with Ripplen CEO Brad Garlinghouse in a special session on CNBC’s “Fast Money” program on March 6th. In addition, despite strong confirmation of the supposed listing, the price of XRP rose to more than $ 1 on Monday.

After hours of radio interruption, Coinbase used Twitter to oppose rumors and expressed that the January declaration listing new cryptocurrencies – which are subtle elements of how the “Committee of Internal Experts” will ultimately make these decisions – had not changed.

Our statement of 4 January 2018 is still valid: we have not decided to add any assets to GDAX or Coinbase.

When prepared in the CNBC segment, it is unclear whether Garlinghouse and Hirji will speak on the panel or appear independently. Presenter Melissa Lee tweeted a screenshot of the cryptographic segment campaign before today, which also features Passport Capital founder John Burbank and Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya.

A representative of Ripplen refuses to comment after reaching rumors.

Ripple has seen another excellent month that will not withstand a significant XRP loss in its cryptocurrency assets compared to records in early January.

XRP has won the attention of its customers by shooting up to 1,000 percent earlier this year as well as new customers; its blockchain launch has become the talk of the crypto industry in 2018.

However, it is essential that new entrants know that the root of all this enthusiasm stems from the specific requirements of a startup – in particular, that its technology would make it possible to change international payments by improving outdated methods of payment and money. between major financial institutions.

According to Ripplen, its products are not only cheaper and faster, but also proud to support them more systematically than the services currently available on the market, which primarily emphasizes the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Coinbase just threw some cold water at Ripple enthusiasts who were eager to see their coins hit the mainstream.

Rumors that Ripplen’s XRP would be next in line after Bitcoin Cash rose this week among coin hype types and lines between CNBC’s Fast Money Tuesday segment are set to feature Ripplen CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Coinbase President Asiff Hirji. in a panel discussion on cryptocurrency trends.

Speculation based on the Fast Money segment raised the XRP to $ 1.07, which is about 6% more than the weekly average. Ripplen’s XRP is the only coin in the top five in terms of market value not available at Coinbase, although given the centralized nature of XRP and its very different objectives from other cryptocurrency projects, its absence is not so surprising. Still, there is plenty of trading interest, and these things will not stop Coinbase from increasing XRP in the future if it wants to do so.

Not all claims to the contrary are true and the company has not authorized it. ”Following the statement, XRP slipped back modestly towards its previous averages.

The company also linked to a January 5 blog post about the criteria for adding new assets. The message states that “Coinbase will only announce the addition of new resources through our blog posts or other official channels.” The company is unlikely to repeat the chaos surrounding the introduction of Bitcoin Cash. Support for Coinbase’s latest assets was officially announced well in advance, but the launch itself was hampered by massive fees, a freeze on trading and an internal insider investigation.