Astrology forecasts for 2014-2015

As we can see, great changes have taken place in the world since then.

Here are just a few:

– Central banks have more power than ever before

– The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to almost 0 percent

– Quantitative easing, ie the printing of money, has become the new norm

– Disputes over taxes and tax reforms have escalated

– Movements to oust leaders continue, including the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and the resignation of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya

– Cyber ​​espionage is rampant revelations that the NSA regularly illegally spies on its citizens

– We have seen the changes in the country intensify with earthquakes and tsunamis, which are displacing entire continents

What does the future look like as we approach the end of Cardinal Climax?

I see two completely opposite scenarios:

– Global debt is reaching its limits, the financial system is panicking and stock markets are collapsing

– Governments ceased operations and pay off their debts


– Business, banking and government leaders are starting to behave transparently instead of secretly and are working hard to restore people’s trust in them

– Political leaders are making compromises to reduce debt

– Companies are rewarded for hiring people and are not penalized

It could go either way. There may be a reversal of the distressing economic activity of the last 6 years or an escalation of the same practices.

With three planets retreating in succession from early 2014 (Venus retreating in January, Mercury retreating in February, and Mars retreating from March to May), I expect leaders to change their minds quickly and bankers to change their policies. unexpectedly, the market will turn around due to greater uncertainty.

President Obama

As I predicted last year, through Neptune’s Square, there is a possibility of scandal, deception and misleading behavior on his birthplace, and his credibility may be called into question. His reputation can be damaged and he needs to make sure he does it all.

This aspect is difficult because the Moon represents his public image. Not only do Americans feel cheated on him, but also Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few, because of his turn and failure to communicate with them.

Moving Jupiter will connect his sun in September 2014. This may be the highlight of his career, but it can also mean he goes to extremes. His reputation could become badly tarnished especially when Saturn is opposite his birth and natal Pluto in 2015.

The main thing is that he has to be honest. If he can do this, he will be able to save his reputation. If not, he falls out of grace and breaks his reputation.

Stock market

I predicted the stock market would collapse in 2013 and I was wrong. I had not understood the strong impact of Pluto in Capricorn on central bank intervention in the financial markets. I didn’t realize it would distort the market so much. I had no idea how far and how deep those forces could manipulate the market. The strong influence of Pluto in the Capricorn on the mutual reception of Scorpio’s Saturn had led to the endless printing of money from scratch. This seems to continue for at least the next year, suggesting that the stock market is expected to rise in the near future.

Where to invest and what to avoid:

Jupiter will move back and forth between Cancer and Leo in 2014. Jupiter’s brand indicates that equity sectors are more likely to outperform the general market.

Jupiter in Cancer until July 16, 2014 shows the stock sectors that are likely to benefit: housing, hotels, motels, restaurants, all family and home related, food, beverage, care.

Jupiter in Leo July 17, 2014 – August 11, 2015 favors children’s games and toys, games, gaming companies, leisure, entertainment industry, gambling, everything related to children, gold mining, romance, love and dating.

Saturn’s position seems to indicate the sectors whose price is falling. When Saturn was in Scorpio until almost the end of 2014, the sectors most likely to be affected by the bills are: banks, insurance companies, investment companies, security companies, waste management, funeral services, oil and gas companies, medical and surgical suppliers.

As long as the Fed continues to intervene in the financial markets, stock prices will rise. I suspect they will stop QE in the near future, so stocks are likely to continue to rise. If the Dow Jones index falls below 13,000, this could mean a downward shift in the market.

Gold and silver

The Federal Reserve may cut back on its bond and securities purchases, which will raise interest rates and lead to a fall in the price of gold.

However, if we see a growing political upheaval and increasing social unrest, which I expect, it would support the rise in the price of gold.

When Jupiter in Cancer and the Lion represent silver and gold, and Mars goes to Scorpio from July 25 to September 13, 2014, this may be a time of a sharp rise in precious metals, as Mars in Scorpio is a good predictor. rising gold and silver prices.

In the long run, however, gold and silver prices will rise. What exactly when depends on how long manipulators can rule the market. When confidence collapses and the market panics, everyone turns to gold. At the moment, it is affordable. If you have extra money, buy a small amount of both gold and silver. Keep buying whenever the price goes down. At some point, I’m still sure the exchange for gold will exceed $ 3,000 an ounce and silver $ 100 an ounce.

Weather changes

I predicted last year that with so many planets in the water, we would see floods, heavy rains, tornadoes, and great destruction from the water. We saw floods in so many places around the world: in Colorado, much of Europe, Canada, the devastating floods in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thailand, and more recently the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, just to name a few.

With Jupiter eating almost 7 months a year, Saturn still in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, I expect more problems around the water and floods again this year.

When Jupiter is in the Lion since July 16, especially with the square of Saturn in Scorpio, I believe this can lead to extreme heat, widespread fires, and heat in areas where it is least expected.

Uranus plays such a central role in Aries triggering the Cardinal Cross, so I expect extreme temperature changes, earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages, and general weather and ground changes.

During Mars Retrograd, March 2 – May 20 is not the best time to start something new, such as a job or a move.

It is not a good time to start a dispute, as the attacker usually loses.

Mars controls the surgery, so if you have elective surgery, try to schedule it before or after the Martian retrograde.

This is going to be a great time for those working in the workshop industry, especially anything related to mechanical or technical damage. So many people’s systems are falling apart right now and there will be a high demand for their services.

Summary of forecasts for 2014:

Finance and government:

The economic stagnation continues

More riots and demonstrations

After the rescue package, the rescue continues

Higher unemployment

More failures of large insurance companies

Rising food and electricity costs

Gold and silver are very volatile, but rising by the end of the year

Mobile money continues to grow

Introduction of more cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin

Printed publications are still dying

More whistleblowers will emerge like Edward Snowden

Various governments tried to suppress internet freedoms


Improvements in stem cell therapy

Breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment

Great progress in genome sequencing

The mobile fitness equipment market is growing

Growth in health applications, e.g. Diabetes UK for blood sugar, Healthsome for blood pressure

People are more actively involved in their own health care

Housing and housing:

Passive housing is becoming a growing market

Sustainable cities are becoming more common

Growth in the use and application of green technology

Cities become smarter when sensors combine traffic, healthcare, lighting, e.g., sensors to help you find a hotspot, safety, security, earthquake detection


The number of wearable devices is increasing

Google Glass is launched mainstream

Apple iWatch will come this year

Ipads and tablets are growing in education worldwide

Improvements in battery technology, such as mobile phones that can be charged from scratch in just 10 minutes and stay charged for at least a week

Increase space travel and exploration

Robots are used in daily activities

3D printing is becoming mainstream

Smarter devices that track where we are, what we do and how they can help us

More time travel experiments

Space exploration is increasing with the exploration of other universes

New technology and social media help people find work e.g. Backr, Networking for Work, which trains job seekers to use social media for job search

We take advantage of technology so we can all find meaningful work


Extreme patterns worldwide

More earthquakes than usual

Larger hot and cold extremes

Floods and water problems

Finding new countries rising from the sea

Power outages

The need for survival kits and backup for electricity, food and water

Breakthroughs in our understanding of the sea


Awakening of consciousness is becoming more common

People connected with “their tribes”

Movements of big people to safer places where they can be more self-sufficient and connect with like-minded people


In these turbulent times during Cardinal Climax, we have a unique opportunity to bring about personal and global change that will change our world for the better.

These difficult considerations can help bring about much-needed change because we cannot continue to destroy our planet as we have done. The triangle between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn is still at play, allowing us to create a world where love and peace reign.

Happy New Year!