The Bitcoin Mining Game has changed

ASCI or application-specific integrated circuits have entered the Bitcoin mining market. The first plane arrived at the miner’s home in late January, and since then there have been reports of shipped ASCI machines that have found their way into the miners ’Bitcoin mining machines.

Because ASCI machines are specifically designed for Bitcoin’s mining mission, they are highly efficient machines in what they are designed to do. The spreading rate per second of high-end ASCI machines is over one million. The spreading rate per second of a typical processor using Bitcoin mining software is 1.5.

Needless to say, the shipment of ASCI machines has been a game changer in the world of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining software no longer even supports processors because a 24-hour CPU is unlikely to see Bitcoin for several years, even if it mines in a pool.

This trend favors those interested in mining, who also have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive equipment, as well as early users of Bitcoin mining, who are likely to have made hefty profits from their early mining efforts. These early profits could be used for the latest and greatest hardware and equipment to continue producing Bitcoins well into the future.

Miners who use relatively efficient GPUs suffer the most from ASCI development. The difficulty of successfully mining a Bitcoin block has grown to a level that could cause the cost of electricity to exceed the profit that a GPU miner sees in Bitcoin from year to year.

All of this speculation is strongly tied to Bitcoin’s price stability in the future. If Bitcoin stays at its current $ 30 level, innovation will continue to progress. ASCI has contributed in part to the rally Bitcoin has seen in the last 2 months. Bitcoin’s dollar exchange rate has risen from $ 10 to $ 30. It’s hard to find an investment in such a return on any planet, so it’s only natural that Bitcoin has been paying attention in recent days. But does this endure attention? And if so, will it bring more control and instability to the young digital currency than stability? In the long run, relative stability is one of the qualities that Bitcoin needs to strengthen if it is to achieve its original goal of being a viable and competitive currency globally.

So does Bitcoin exceed the stamp of the current speculative instrument? The answer lies in a tangled network of variables that includes a wide range of humanity: politics, psychology, economics, fear, freedom, privacy, security … etc. Whatever the outcome, it will surely become a fascinating presentation.